Capabilities   Cold Drawing


Cold drawing is a metal forming process whereby a piece of metal is forced through a single or series of dies, thereby reducing the cross section size of the original part. The cold drawing process yields superior strength, hardness, thin walls in tubes, impeccable surface finish, consistent dimensional tolerances, and precise bending capability. The resulting surface is clean and free from scale or other defects. Cold drawing is typically used to produce precision aluminium rods, bars and tubes that must meet requirements like:

High degree of dimensional control and/or the need for tight tolerances

Where the final outside diameter and/or wall thickness of the extruded tubes can only be achieved by subsequent cold drawing

Where the final mechanical properties for non-heat treatable alloys are to be achieved by strain hardening (drawing)

Where special requirements exist for the microstructure of the tubes

It is very important to know the plasticity of aluminum before beginning the cold drawing process. If the material is pulled too much, it becomes brittle and fragile, and ultimately tears. Banco Aluminium Limited has the expertise, machinery and tooling required to make drawn products in all shapes and sizes.