Solutions   Standard Sections


We offer a range of standard profiles – from flat bars, angles, rectangular tubes, round bars and pipes to Modular profiles, T-profiles, U-profiles and Z-profiles; that are used extensively across various industries and segments. Banco is able to deliver standard sections with short lead times, as we have an extensive range of dies available.

We are able to offer a wide variety of alloys may they be standard, high strength or lead free machinable alloys.

Flat Bars | Angles | Rectangular Tubes | Round Pipes | Round Bars | T-profiles | U-profiles | Z-profiles | Ladders, Scaffolding and Supporting Facilities | Kitchen Appliances | Furniture Hardware – Door Closers, Handles, Railings, etc. | Advertising Signages | Tents | Gym Equipment | Storage Structures | Bicycle Parts – Frames, Rims Shop Fronts | Laboratory Setups | Clean Room Setups | Cold Room Setups | Greenhouse Structures | Semi-permanent Constructions and Housing (e.g. for events)