Banco Aluminium has always been at the forefront of aluminium extrusion manufacturing in India. Our fully integrated plant is designed to ensure complete control and quality across every step of the production.

The in-house foundry uses modern tilting furnaces with hot top system to produce a wide range of alloys. Complete metal treatment procedures like degassing, grain refinement and filtration are standard practices. Spectro-analysis of log castings maintains total control over alloy specifications, while the homogenising furnaces ensure material uniformity.

Adhering to these world-class standards not only enhances product quality, but also expedites project completion and enables our customers to keep track of project development at every stage.

Banco Aluminium started operations at the foundry with billet casting over 50 years ago. Since then, the technology has been continually upgraded, and as a result, today our highly experienced and committed team produces products for a range of applications
  • Application areas include general engineering, machined components, automotive and forging sector, and for other specialised applications
  • We have two 12-ton smelting plants and a homogenising furnace with cooling stations. BAL focuses on quality alloys in the 1xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx ranges
  • Our small but flexible foundry facility offers you special alloys and we are happy to develop customer-specific customised alloys
Banco Aluminium operates three direct extrusion presses of 1460, 1800 and 2500 metric tons and billet diameters of 6″, 7″ and 9″. This allows production of profiles up to 21 kg/m. Progressive investments and equipment upgradations have been made since 2018 to modernise the extrusion lines and better serve the evolving customer requirements.
  • The operating parameters of our press and auxiliary equipment are SCADA monitored; ensuring process control and production traceability
  • The continued emphasis on process control enables us to produce complex profiles for many critical applications, achieve tight tolerances and surface finishes in line with customer requirements
  • Our engineering team, led by extrusion specialists, assures our customers an efficient and quality oriented production for the most demanding projects
Our in-house die shop serves a range of die requirements from design to development – this saves project time and thus, money. The quality of die is maintained by our trained die makers from concept to completion.
  • Our extensive expertise in die making helps us get first-time-right dies. This means reduction in die development time and cost
  • The product development team works in conjunction with the design department to optimise customer’s product design and alloy quality
  • Extensive die manufacturing and heat treatment facilities produce all our dies in-house, thus reducing the time for development, trials and corrections